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Operational Improvements/Sustainments
ID  Sort Ascending Name Type Description IOC Solution Set
101101 Current Flight Plan Support OS A Flight Plan (FP) is a pilot's stated intentions to conduct a flight by documenting the who, where… -
101102 Provide Full Flight Plan Constraint Evaluation with Feedback OI Timely and accurate national airspace system (NAS) information enables users to plan and fly routin… 2013-2018 CATM
101103 Provide Interactive Flight Planning from Anywhere OI Flight planning activities are accomplished from the flight deck as readily as any location.  Airbo… 2015-2021 TBO
101201 Current Flight Data Management OS The requirements for handling of the flight data is dependent on the type of the Flight Plan, (FP) … -
101202 Flight Management with Trajectory OI Flight Management with Trajectory will develop and maintain all information about a flight and make… 2016-2020
102105 Current Oceanic Separation OS The FAA provides oceanic air traffic services to aircraft flying within specific flight information… -
102108 Oceanic In-Trail Climb and Descent OI ANSP automation enhancements will take advantage of improved communication, navigation, and surveil… 2010-2015 TBO
102112 Current En Route Separation OS Separation standards applied in en route airspace consist of rules and procedures for separating ai… -
102114 Initial Conflict Resolution Advisories OI The ANSP predicts and resolves conflicts using en route automation. Automation is enhanced not only… 2015-2019 TBO
102117 Reduced Horizontal Separation Standards, En Route - 3 Miles OI The Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) provides reduced and more efficient separation between a… 2018-2025 TBO
102118 Interval Management - Spacing OI Enhanced surveillance and new procedures enable the ANSP to initiate Interval Management, in which … 2013-2019 TBO
102123 ADS-B Separation OS The air navigation service provider (ANSP) automation uses aircraft dependent surveillance broadcas… 2010-2010 TBO
102129 Current Terminal Separation OS Terminal air traffic separation consists of rules and techniques to separate aircraft on and around… -
102136 Reduced Oceanic Separation and Enhanced Procedures OI Availability of user preferred oceanic profiles is increased through reduction of aircraft to aircr… 2019-2025 TBO
102137 Automation Support for Separation Management OI The ANSP automation provides the controller with tools to manage aircraft separation in a mixed nav… 2014-2018 TBO
Showing 1-15 of 141 OIs/OSs

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