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Operational Improvements/Sustainments
ID  Sort Ascending Name Type Description IOC Solution Set
103119 Initial Integration of Weather Information into NAS Automation and Decision Making OI Advances in aviation weather information content and dissemination enhances cross-domain ATM decisi… 2011-2018 RWI
103121 Full Improved Weather Information and Dissemination OI This improvement provides a capability that supports the NextGen concept of operations to assimilat… 2018-2023 RWI
103122 Full Improved Weather Sensor Network OI An enhanced network of ground, air, and space-based weather sensors provides an enhanced detection … 2018-2023 RWI
103123 Full Integration of Weather Information Into NAS Automation and Decision Making OI Consistent and improved weather data integrated into decision support tools will enable more effect… 2018-2023 RWI
103201 Current Traffic Advisory OS Air traffic controllers radio traffic advisories to pilots.  Advisories must be used in certain ins… -
103206 Expanded Traffic Advisory Services Using Digital Traffic Data OS Surrounding traffic information is available to the flight deck, including automatic dependent surv… 2010-2010 FLEX
103207 Improved Runway Safety Situational Awareness for Controllers OS At large airports, current controller tools provide surface displays and can alert controllers when… 2012-2016 FLEX
103208 Improve Runway Safety Situational Awareness for Pilots OI Runway safety operations are improved by providing pilots with improved awareness of their location… 2012-2016 FLEX
103209 Enhance Traffic Advisory Services OI Traffic information is available to the flight deck and the UAS's control station.  This includes a… 2015-2020
103210 Aircraft Collision Avoidance for New Aircraft Types OI New technologies will benefit aircraft-based Collision Avoidance (CA) capabilities avionics as they… 2020-2022
103301 Current NAS Status Advisory OS The current National Airspace System (NAS) Status Advisory updates pilots on NAS status that is ess… -
103305 On-Demand NAS Information OI National Airspace System (NAS) and aeronautical information will be available to users on demand.  … 2013-2018 CATM
104101 Current Oceanic Conflict Probe OS The Federal Aviation Administration provides oceanic air traffic services to aircraft flying within… -
104102 Interactive Planning Using 4D Trajectory Information in the Oceanic Environment OI Interactive planning between the airspace user and FAA automation both before and after departure e… 2013-2020 TBO
104103 Current Conflict Probe OS Conflict probe increases efficiency of airspace use in the en route domain. It assists in synchroni… -
Showing 46-60 of 141 OIs/OSs

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