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102155 - Remotely Staffed Tower Services
Detail Data
ID: 102155
Name: Remotely Staffed Tower Services
Type: Operational Improvement
Description: Remotely Staffed Towers provide ATM services for operations into and out of designated airports without physically constructing, equipping, and sustaining tower facilities at these airports. Instead of out-the-window visual surveillance, controllers maintain situational awareness provided by surface surveillance displayed on an ANSP display system and a suite of decision support tools using aircraft-derived data.

Weather, traffic and other relevant information are displayed on the ANSP display system to avoid discontinuities associated with the mix of heads-up versus heads-down operations.
With the deployment of Remotely Staffed Towers, ANSP personnel may be able to service multiple airfields from a single physical location allowing for reductions in the total number of service delivery points. This accommodates managing increases in life cycle costs to sustain, expand, and improve services in response to steadily increasing demand.
In the end-state Remotely Staffed Towers will provide advanced surface management. The ANSP personnel will have access to the necessary ground and terminal surveillance information and decision support tools to provide separation, sequencing, and spacing services. Decision support tools will assist ANSPs with planning taxi routes, and arrival and departure sequencing. Clearance delivery and pushback into movement or non-movement areas is accomplished by voice and data communications to the aircraft, aided by situational awareness derived from surveillance sensors and conformance monitoring tools presented directly on the ANSP display. Some separation responsibility and some traffic synchronization responsibility are delegated to properly equipped aircraft.
To improve common situational awareness, weather, traffic management initiatives, and flight plan data are available to ANSPs and flight operators via net-centric information capabilities. Weather data is distributed to and from aircraft using digital communications and will conform to the NextGen Network Enabled Weather (NNEW) concept. Special airport sensors detect runway hazards at the airport and automatically alert controllers and pilots of the hazard via voice and Data Comm.
Benefit(s): *Increased airport capacity in low visibility and night conditions
*Improvement in runway incursion alerting
*Improvement in availability and performance of ATM services at airports
*Reduced cost of sustaining, expanding, and improving ATM services at airports
Lead Organization: Integration Managers Group - AJP-A3
Timeframe: Mid Term
IOC Date: 2018 - 2020
Service Roadmap: [6] Transform Facilities
NAS Service: ATC-Separation Assurance

  • ID / Revision: 130 / 8
  • Visibility Internet
  • Created: 03-Aug-2009
  • Updated: 28-Feb-2014

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