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109324 - Implement NextGen Environmental Engine and Aircraft Technologies - Phase III
Detail Data
ID: 109324
Name: Implement NextGen Environmental Engine and Aircraft Technologies - Phase III
Type: Operational Improvement
Description: Support certification and commercialization of aircraft technologies for enhanced environmental and energy efficiency improvements demonstrated during Phase II. Explore and demonstrate additional aircraft materials and fuel-flexible jet engines technologies. It will include multiple increments delivered over time.
Benefit(s): Reduce emissions, fuel burn, and noise
Lead Organization: Integration Managers Group - AJP-A3
Timeframe: Far Term
IOC Date: 2021 - 2025
Service Roadmap: [7] Increase Safety, Security, and Environmental Performance
NAS Service: Infrastructure-Information Management Service

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  • Created: 21-Jun-2011
  • Updated: 28-Feb-2014

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