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102142 - Efficient Metroplex Merging and Spacing
Detail Data
ID: 102142
Name: Efficient Metroplex Merging and Spacing
Type: Operational Improvement
Description: Air navigation service provider (ANSP) automation and decision support tools incorporate aircraft wake characteristics and forecast wake transport conditions.  Spacing buffers between streams approaching and departing multiple metroplex runways are reduced to allow efficient airborne merging and spacing, increasing greater traffic throughput and reduced ANSP workload in terminal areas.

Arrival and departure flows are planned and executed based on a comprehensive view of real time airport operations.  Automation provides optimal departure staging and arrival sequencing based on aircraft wake, wake conditions and airborne performance characteristics. Data communications provides required navigation performance routes to the flight deck. This OI includes development of ANSP capability and procedures and requires an Implementation Decision to determine what complex airborne merging and spacing operations will be required for effective use of high-density metroplex airspace, such as crossing streams, merging and diverging streams, etc.
Benefit(s): Enhanced efficiency
Decreased fuel burn, emissions, and noise
Lead Organization: Integration Managers Group - AJP-A3
Timeframe: Far Term
IOC Date: 2020 - 2024
Solution Set: [2] Increase Arrivals/Departures at High Density Airports
NAS Service: ATC-Separation Assurance

  • ID / Revision: 50 / 5
  • Visibility Internet
  • Created: 20-Aug-2009
  • Updated: 28-Feb-2014

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