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The Automation Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of the current automation systems supporting the National Airspace System (NAS) and their enhancement, sustainment or replacement through major development programs and support activities. The Automation Roadmap is intended to convey the major automation program strategy and acquisition decision points as well as program execution through the In-Service Decision. The roadmap serves as a summary view of more detailed plans within each development program.

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Showing 1-15 of 18 Support Activities

Support Activities
ID Support Activity  Sort Ascending Support Type Description Start Date End Date
223 Advanced Scheduling for Congested Terminal Airspace Research Advanced scheduling will be necessary to assure the reliable execution of NextGen procedures while maintaining the efficient use of runway and airspace in congested terminal airspace during peak traffic periods.  Improvements in the current TMA are required to facilitate uninterrupted top-of-descent to runway threshold operations. 2009 Q1 2013 Q1
695 Automation Guidelines [ATC] Unknown Description pending
224 Corridors-in-the-Sky (CITS) Research This RTP defines and evaluates candidate Corridors-in-the-sky (CITS) concepts that provide a highway-like structure in the airspace. 2009 Q1 2014 Q1
209 En Route Wake Vortex Avoidance Advisor Demonstration Develop and demonstrate, in shadow-mode operations, a prototype Wake Vortex Avoidance Advisor for en route operations. 2005 Q1 2018 Q4
630 Flight Information Services Concept Exploration This is a concept development for Flight Information Service (FIS). FIS describes the information management service for flight information for NAS systems used in the separation of Air Traffic.  The FIS is intended to be the service used by NAS systems and will support non-NAS applications for capturing and sharing the most up-to-date, authoritative information, on any flight, and will manage the flight object data from the dynamically changing authoritative sources for all system information about that flight.  The FIS will maintain a flight object for each flight and the flight object information will be updated as the flight progresses through planning phases and active phases of flight.  FIS will maintain on a per flight basis the authoritative souces of information for all elements in the flight object and route requests and replies to and from connected and authorized systems clients to manage data elements in the flight object to ena 2011 Q1 2017 Q1
782 HADDS\CMS Migration Plan Development Unknown Description pending. 2013 Q2 2014 Q4
643 NAS Common Reference Unknown Description pending 2011 Q1 2013 Q3
784 NAS Display System Analysis Unknown Description pending. 2013 Q2 2016 Q1
783 Near-Term Automation Infrastructure Optimization Analysis Unknown Description pending. 2013 Q2 2015 Q2
786 Non-TFDM Tower Automation Analysis Unknown Description pending. 2013 Q4 2016 Q1
351 Oceanic Tactical Trajectory Management: Oceanic Conflict Advisory Trials (OCAT) Demonstration OCAT capability allows an air transportation operator to pre-probe their proposed in-flight routing requests against the current oceanic situation using a "shadow system" utilizing the most recent Ocean21 conflict probe algorithms.  This capability would analyze the proposed trajectory change against other aircraft and oceanic airspace reservations to determine if there is a conflict. 2008 Q1 2013 Q2
254 Oceanic Tactical Trajectory Management: Pre-Departure Trajectory Coordination Policy Study Pre-Departure Trajectory Coordination encompasses several capabilities that promote collaboration and coordination between Airline Operations Centers (AOC) and the FAA during the pre-departure flight planning phase.  The Pre-Departure Planner capability will allow air transportation operations to fly closer to their user-preferred routing.  Additional trajectory coordination capabilities will provide airspace users information to allow them to plan strategically and then react more efficiently. 2008 Q1 2014 Q4
785 Offshore Automation Analysis Unknown Description pending. 2014 Q3
679 Relative Position Indicator (RPI) Unknown Description pending 2010 Q 2013 Q4
442 Surface Trajectory Prediction and Conformance Monitoring Research This RTP provides concepts, technologies, and decision support tools to support 3D/4D taxi generation, conformance monitoring and compliance by equipped and unequipped aircraft.  Surface trajectory prediction/synthesis and ground-based conformance monitoring software modules will be implemented within the NASA SMS research platform and performance will be assessed through real-time simulations.  The requirements for flight deck displays for pilots to meet their 3D or 4D taxi clearances will also be described. 2009 Q1 2015 Q1
Showing 1-15 of 18 Support Activities

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