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The Automation Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of the current automation systems supporting the National Airspace System (NAS) and their enhancement, sustainment or replacement through major development programs and support activities. The Automation Roadmap is intended to convey the major automation program strategy and acquisition decision points as well as program execution through the In-Service Decision. The roadmap serves as a summary view of more detailed plans within each development program.

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ID Name  Sort Ascending Acronym Status Description
392 Flight Schedule Monitor FSM In-Service The Flight Schedule Monitor (FSM) is the main tool for the traffic management specialist at the FAA…
982 Flight Service Automation System FSAS In-Service The Flight Service Automation System (FSAS) provides general aviation pilots with weather briefings…
34 Flight Service Data Processing System FSDPS Decommissioned The Flight Service Data Processing System (FSDPS) is a component of the Model 1 Full Capacity (M1FC…
983 Fully Digital Minimum Safe Altitude Warning System FDMSAWS Decommissioned A function of the ARTS III computer that aids the controller by alerting him when a tracked Mode C …
959 Geodetic Computational System GCS In-Service This user-friendly interface is one part of the development designed to support the compilation of …
55 Host ATM Data Distribution System HADDS In-Service The Host ATM Data Distribution System (HADDS) functioned under the infrastructure of the Host Inter…
8 Host Computer System HOST In-Service The Host Computer System (HCS) receives and processes surveillance reports, and flight plan informa…
1097 Information Display System IDS In-Service The IDS replacement system is designed around an open architecture, that uses touch screen technolo…
1159 Integrated Reporting Information System IRIS In-Service The Integrated Reporting Information System (IRIS) is a flexible and scalable web-based system that…
984 Magnetic Variation System MVS In-Service Magnetic Variation (MagVar) is an important piece of information, needed whenever it is necessary t…
108 Microprocessor-En Route Automated Radar Tracking System MEARTS In-Service The Microprocessor-En Route Automated Radar Tracking System (MEARTS) is a radar processing system i…
481 Model One Full Capacity M1FC Decommissioned Model One Full Capacity (M1FC) Description:  The Model One Full Capacity (M1FC) system, located at …
702 NAS Adaptation Services Environment NASE In-Service National Airspace System (NAS) Adaptation Services Environment (NASE) is a system developed to meet…
1205 NAS Aeronautical Information Management Enterprise Systems NAIMES In-Service Definition pending
1206 NAS Informational Display System NIDS In-Service Definition pending
Showing 46-60 of 91 Systems/Services

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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