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The Safety Roadmap represents an executive level view of Acquisition Management System (AMS) milestones, decision points, system activities and system interactions made by Enterprise Safety in preparation of fulfilling Destination 2025 safety metrics. It embodies the cohesive coordination and collaboration of efforts between NextGen Safety stakeholders (ATO, AVS, PMO and ANG) to maximize available resources, increase communication, achieve essential safety goals and minimize costs by averting duplication of work and working together. The NAS Safety Roadmap depicts current NAS Safety systems and the proposed transformation of those systems into the Operational Analysis and Reporting System (OARS). It also depicts NextGen Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) and System Safety Management Transformation (SSMT) capabilities/activities that are being developed as Non-NAS components. The Safety Roadmap reflects components of the Safety Risk Management (SRM) process at the program level, concept/capability level and system level to support integrated safety analysis. It also portrays the application of System Safety to the NAS through development of key safety assessments, procedures, guidance, policy and requirements in support of the ANG Enterprise System. The Safety Roadmap tracks all safety assessments including the OSAs, CSAs, PHAs, SHAs/SSHAs/O&SHAs, SSARs and SRMDs that are required for all NAS programs undergoing the AMS and seeking a decision milestone. NextGen Safety is currently assisting in the development of the OARS program to transform ATO safety processes, including the use of available safety initiatives i.e. ASIAS, to develop a more robust safety infrastructure able to handle future possible safety issues in the NAS.

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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