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The Airport Roadmap identifies NextGen progression of services, procedures and systems in the airport environment.

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Decision Points
ID  Sort Ascending Decision Point Name   Primary Roadmap   Tgt CY Date   Priority   Planning  
36 Final Investment Decision (FID) for migration of PRM to PRM-R Surveillance 2015 Q4 No
46 Final Investment Decision (FID) for Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) Core Automation 2015 Q1 High No
74 Final Investment Decision (FID) for FTI 2 Communications 2020 Q2 High Yes
76 Final Investment Decision (FID) for ASDE-3 Service Sustainment Surveillance 2018 Q2 No
198 Final Investment Decision (FID) for TFDM Future Automation 2017 Q2 High Yes
220 Decision to cut over to Dual Frequency\Multi-Constellation Operations based on completion of Dual Frequency (GPS L1 and L5) development and testing Navigation 2023 Q4 Yes
235 Strategy Decision on active drawdown of CAT I ILSs operating in the NAS Navigation 2016 Q2 Yes
259 Final Investment Decision (FID) for RWSL Technology Refresh Navigation 2018 Q2 Yes
446 Final Investment Decision (FID) for NSOC Weather 2018 Q1 Yes
447 In-Service Decision (ISD) for NSOC Weather 2022 Q2 Yes
507 Final Investment Decision (FID) to move WAAS from Phase III to Phase IV Navigation 2014 Q2 No
661 Decision to incorporate Wake Re-Categorization (Phase 1) into 7110.65 Airspace and Procedures 2014 Q4 No
668 In Service Decision (ISD) for Airport Surface Surveillance Capability Surveillance 2014 Q4 No
692 Strategy Decision for Integration of Certain ATCT Functions into NextGen Facilities Facilities 2016 Q2 No
712 Policy Decision on AeroMacs Communications 2014 Q3 No
Showing 1-15 of 19 Decision Points filtered by: State (Active)

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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