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The Airport Roadmap identifies NextGen progression of services, procedures and systems in the airport environment.

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Support Activities
ID Support Activity  Sort Ascending Support Type Description Start Date End Date
610 Airport Cooperative Research Program - Capacity Research The program conducts research to provide better airport planning and design.  Future aviation demand will rely on the ability of airports to accommodate increased aircraft operations, larger aircraft, and more efficient passenger throughput.  This program will prepare for those future needs while simultaneously solving current and near-term airport capacity issues.
612 Airport Cooperative Research Program - Safety Unknown The program conducts research to prevent and mitigate potential injuries and accidents within the airport operational environment.  A fundamental element of this program is to produce results that provide protection of aircraft passengers and airport personnel through improved safety training, airport design, and advanced technology implementation.
614 Airport Technology Research Program - Capacity Research The program provides better airport planning, designs, and improves runway pavement design, construction, and maintenance.  It ensures that new pavement standards will be ready to support safe international operation of next-generation heavy aircraft and makes pavement design standards available to users worldwide.
553 Runway Status Lights Optimization Concept Exploration RWSL optimizations are focused on reducing the risk of runway incursions by increasing the Situational Awareness (SA) for pilots and vehicles operators on the runways and taxiways that are equipped with RWSL technology. To further the use of the RWSL safety platform, AJP-671  is planning the following RWSL optimizations:_x000D_
1. Develop a prototype  to pilot notification system, for example Flashing PAPI's, that can be activated using the RWSL safety platform._x000D_
2. Evaluate whether Low Cost Ground Surveillance (LCGS) can serve as a viable surveillance input source for RWSL for use at airports that are not ASDE-equipped. _x000D_
3. If the above evaluation is positive, field a prototype RWSL safety platform at an LCGS-equipped airport that will allow for  direct-to-pilot notification using Flashing PAPI's._x000D_
2008 2014 Q4
Showing 1-4 of 4 Support Activities

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