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The Communication Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of the current communication systems supporting the National Airspace System and their enhancement, sustainment or replacement through major development programs and support activities. The Communication Roadmap is intended to convey the major communication program strategy and acquisition decision points as well as program funding. The roadmap serves as a summary view of more detailed plans within each development program.

[3] Communications

Preview Decision Point 916Preview Roadmap-Symbol 158Preview Decision Point 924Preview Decision Point 923Preview Decision Point 710Preview Segment 613Preview Segment 888Preview Segment 96Preview System 1296Preview Decision Point 918Preview Decision Point 917Preview Decision Point 919Preview Roadmap-Symbol 158Preview System 534Preview System 415Preview System 324Preview Segment 850Preview System 1134Preview System 921Preview System 13Preview System 934Preview System 23Preview System 417Preview System 14Preview System 22Preview System 652Preview System 16Preview System 1107Preview Segment 945Preview Segment 277Preview Roadmap-Symbol 157
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