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The Communication Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of the current communication systems supporting the National Airspace System and their enhancement, sustainment or replacement through major development programs and support activities. The Communication Roadmap is intended to convey the major communication program strategy and acquisition decision points as well as program funding. The roadmap serves as a summary view of more detailed plans within each development program.

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Decision Points
ID  Sort Ascending Decision Point Name   Primary Roadmap   Tgt CY Date   Priority   Planning  
74 Final Investment Decision (FID) for FTI 2 Communications 2020 Q2 High Yes
102 Final Investment Decision (FID) to implement SIM in terminal and en route legacy radar systems Surveillance 2015 Q3 No
216 Strategy Decision to determine to sustain or replace NMR Communications 2016 Q2 Yes
218 Concept and Requirements Definition Readiness (CRDR) Decision for DataComm Segment 3 Communications 2021 Q1 Yes
304 Final Investment Decision (FID) for Data Comm Segment 2 Communications 2018 Q2 High Yes
544 Publication of Guidance under SC 214 for Avionics Aircraft 2016 Q2 No
545 Strategy Decision to Approve Draft SC-214 MOPS Communications 2016 Q2 No
710 Final Investment Decision (FID) for NVS Segment 1\2 Communications 2014 Q3 High No
712 Policy Decision on AeroMacs Communications 2014 Q3 No
778 Initial Investment Decision (IID) for FTI-2 program Communications 2018 Q2 High No
783 Final Investment Decision (FID) for RCOM Communications 2014 Q2 No
784 Final Investment Decision (FID) for NEXCOM Segment 2 Phase 2 in remaining Terminal and Flight Service areas Communications 2017 Q2 Yes
785 Final Investment Decision (FID) for Data Communications Segment 1 Phase 2 En Route Services Communications 2014 Q4 High No
856 Final Investment Decision (FID) for ERAM Far-Term Automation 2019 Q2 High Yes
859 Strategy for NAS IPv6 Enhancements Communications 2016 Q2 Yes
Showing 1-15 of 32 Decision Points filtered by: State (Active)

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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