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The Enterprise Services Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of the evolution of existing and planned enterprise services provided by NAS systems and programs and provides an outline of the major activities, decisions, and milestones. By definition, services are capabilities that exist as processes, applications, infrastructure, or any combination. They are implemented using design principles that support and promote enterprise-wide interoperability, sharing, standardization, federation, awareness, loose coupling, granularity, modularity, abstraction, reuse, and flexibility.

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Decision Points
ID   Decision Point Name   Primary Roadmap   Tgt CY Date   Priority   Planning  Sort Ascending
57 Final Investment Decision (FID) for TBFM Work Package 3 Automation 2014 Q4 High No
102 Final Investment Decision (FID) to implement SIM in terminal and en route legacy radar systems Surveillance 2015 Q3 No
121 Final Investment Decision (FID) for AIM Segment 2 Automation 2014 Q3 High No
341 Final Investment Decision (FID) for CSS-Wx WP2 and transition of ADAS communications (and WMSCR Comms if not completed in CSS-Wx) to CSS-Wx WP2 Weather 2019 Q4 High No
345 Policy Decision for Enterprise Timing & Frequency Enterprise Services 2014 Q4 No
604 Initial In-Service Decision (ISD) for SIM in Terminal and En Route Legacy Radar Systems for first platform Surveillance 2017 Q2 No
657 Final Investment Decision (FID) for ITWS Tech Refresh Weather 2014 Q4 No
833 Final Investment Decision (FID) for CSS-Wx Weather 2014 Q4 High No
853 Final Investment Decision (FID) for TFMS Remote Site TR Automation 2014 Q2 No
897 In-Service Decision (ISD) for CSS-Wx Weather 2017 Q4 High No
122 Final Investment Decision (FID) for AIM Segment 3 Automation 2017 Q1 High Yes
787 Strategy decision based on the Usage and Operation analysis to determine the long term Aircraft Access to SWIM (AAtS) strategy. Enterprise Services 2016 Q1 Yes
889 In-Service Decision (ISD) for CSS-Wx WP2 Weather 2021 Q4 High Yes
925 Final Investment Decision (FID) for SWIM Segment 2B Enterprise Services 2014 Q3 Yes
Showing 1-14 of 14 Decision Points filtered by: State (Active)

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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