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The Enterprise Services Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of the evolution of existing and planned enterprise services provided by NAS systems and programs and provides an outline of the major activities, decisions, and milestones. By definition, services are capabilities that exist as processes, applications, infrastructure, or any combination. They are implemented using design principles that support and promote enterprise-wide interoperability, sharing, standardization, federation, awareness, loose coupling, granularity, modularity, abstraction, reuse, and flexibility.

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Support Activities
ID Support Activity  Sort Ascending Support Type Description Start Date End Date
702 2-Way SOA Unknown 2-Way SOA includes the addition of security controls to the NESG that will allow external users to publish data into the NAS using SOA. 2013 Q2
9 4D Wx Single Authoritative Source Algorithms Research Provide operational decision makers with an integrated common weather picture in user specified spatial and temporal resolution enabling integration into users' DST (decision support tools).  "Other" 2011 Q2 2015 Q2
599 EBP FTI Enhancement Acquired Product Enterprise Boundary Protection - FTI Enhancements include implementing a series of technologies within the NAS Boundary Protection Services (NBPS) infrastructure to support mandated security controls between NAS and non-NAS entities.  These enhancements include building out the NBPS Sub-network which is also known as the matrix, installing load balancers and Domain Name Services, and making the NBPS SOA compatible. 2012 Q3 2014 Q3
133 FAA-SJU SWIM Harmonization Standards Development Formal Coordination Plan 2.1 for collaboration and cooperation with SESAR Joint Undertaking. Focus on harmonization of SWIM concepts, standards, protocols and technical solutions. 2011 Q1 2014 Q3
487 Flight Data Interface Modernization (FDIM) Standards Development Activities to develop the business case for modernization of flight data interfaces to use SWIM for information exchange.  Includes activities related to Flight Object and SOA implementation of Flight Data. 2011 Q1 2015 Q4
602 G08M.01-01 AAtS Demo Concept Exploration Aircraft Access to SWIM is a demonstration effort aimed at evaluating the current commercial capabilities of air datalink providers who can potentially provide SWIM-enabled data to pilots in the cockpit. Given access to real time SWIM-enabled data, pilots can make more informed, collaborative decisions with their AOC's and ATC 2012 Q1 2015 Q4
603 G1M.02-02 New ATM ASWIM Unknown Description pending 2011 Q1 2014 Q1
57 Governance Processes & Procedures Standards Development Activities undertaken by various teams under the guidance of the TRB to identify and analyze methodologies for data and information governance (including Communities of Interest). 2009 Q3 2016 Q4
794 Human Performance and Safety Unknown Maintain a high level of human performance and safety within the current and future NAS as new technologies and operations are introduced to the air traffic system. 2013 Q1 2017 Q2
637 IAM Pre-Plan and Prototype Unknown Work with ATO. SWIM in re  IAM  prototype planning & execution 2012 Q1 2013 Q4
699 NSRR Design Unknown o Enhance Sistine Extensions Capabilities
o Install Sistine 4.03
o Service SLA Template Development
700 Provisioning Meeting with AJM-31 Unknown o SOA Suitability Assessments
o Provisioning Meeting with SWIM
o Service Identification
o Cost Estimate
o NSRR Registration
2018 Q1
604 RTCA SC-206 - AIS & Met Data Link Std development Unknown Develop standards for the timely delivery of high-quality and reliable electronic Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and Meteorological Information Services (MET) services to aircraft. This includes architectural considerations, recommendations and the definition of minimum aviation system performance specifications (MASPS) for AIS and MET data link. The architecture and the MASPS are connected to and potentially an extension of enterprise services. 2011 Q1 2014 Q2
680 SWIM COTS Repository Unknown A System providing the management of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and open-source products procured and provided by SWIM to NAS Service Provider and Consumer Programs. The system makes available only those versions of approved products that have been validated by the SWIM Program Office. 2012 Q2 2014 Q2
605 Usage and Operation analysis of AAtS Unknown Description pending 2017 Q1 2019 Q1
Showing 1-15 of 16 Support Activities

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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