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The Weather Roadmap presents an Executive View (EV) of weather-related acquisition activities and the changes to these activities that exist within the Weather enterprise architecture (EA) domain (projects and programs) of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Weather Roadmap provides the evolution of the weather architecture via AMS milestones and related activities (e.g., aviation weather research, demonstrations, and other agency activities) necessary to achieve the performance objectives and capabilities to support NextGen. As a perspective of the changes in the NAS operational environment, the Weather Roadmap reflects major Weather interdependencies to support (or be supported by) other domains in the NAS enterprise architecture as depicted in NAS Roadmaps.

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ID Name  Sort Ascending Acronym Status Description
450 Aircraft Weather Sensors AWS In-Service Aircraft Weather Sensors (AWS) - Modern jetliners are equipped with weather sensors and automatical…
133 Airport Surveillance Radar - Weather System Processor ASR-WSP Planned The ASR-9 WSP provides Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) users with timely and accurate warning …
117 Airport Surveillance Radar : Model 11 ASR-11 In-Service The Airport Surveillance Radar Model 11 (ASR-11) is a short-range digital, integrated primary and s…
119 Airport Surveillance Radar : Model 8 ASR-8 In-Service The Airport Surveillance Radar Model 8 (ASR-8) is a short-range (60 nautical mile (nmi)), analog ra…
120 Airport Surveillance Radar : Model 9 ASR-9 In-Service The Airport Surveillance Radar Model 9 (ASR-9) is a short-range (60 nmi) radar system used for term…
962 Airport Weather and Information System AWIS In-Service See description for ASOS. (Source: Roadmap Domain Lead)

Airport Weather and Information System …
1251 Altimeter Setting Indicator ASI In-Service The Altimeter Setting Indicator (ASI) is an aneroid system used at airports to provide an altimeter…
312 Automated Surface Observing System ASOS In-Service The Automated Surface Observing System P3I will likely improve or enhance the performance of ASOS c…
28 Automated Weather Observing System AWOS In-Service AWOS is a joint federal and state program that supplements ASOS with approximately 1400 additional …
41 Automated Weather Observing System Surface Observing System Data Acquisition System ADAS In-Service Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) Surface Observing System (ASOS) Data Acquisition System (…
587 Automated Weather Sensor System AWSS In-Service is the latest version of an automated surface observing system to be fielded. It has the same capab…
720 Aviation Weather Cameras WCAM In-Service The Alaska Mike-in-Hand & Video Equipment (Alaska MIH & Video Equip) project extends the Weather Ca…
887 Common Support Services - Weather CSS-Wx Planned Common Support Services - Weather (CSS-Wx) formerly known as NextGen Network Enabled Weather (NNEW)…
538 Corridor Integrated Weather System CIWS Planned The MIT Lincoln Lab prototype CIWS integrates weather data and processes, generates, displays, and …
45 Digital Altimeter Setting Indicator DASI In-Service The Digital Altimeter Setting Indicator (DASI) is a system that measures station atmospheric pressu…
Showing 1-15 of 40 Systems/Services

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  • Updated: 04-Mar-2014

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