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This section provides access to available publications related to the NAS EA.

NAS EA Framework

Systems Engineering Manual

Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

  • The Federal Aviation Administration Capital Investment Plan (CIP) is a 5-year plan that describes the National Airspace System (NAS) modernization projects and lists the activities we intend to accomplish during that period. The CIP contains both projects that modernize existing systems and projects that begin the transformation to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). It also contains the roadmaps which show the timetable for introduction of new technology to achieve the planned NextGen capabilities and capacity increases.
Publications Browser

Publications Browser

  • There are several publications that either describe or relate to significant elements of the NAS EA. This feature allows you to interactively browse through the available publications.

Coming Soon

This feature should be available in a future release.

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