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Showing 1-15 of 323 Support Activities

Support Activities
ID Support Activity  Sort Ascending Support Type Description Start Date End Date
2 1-Hr RVR forecast Acquired Product Description pending 2013 Q3 2016 Q4
702 2-Way SOA Unknown 2-Way SOA includes the addition of security controls to the NESG that will allow external users to publish data into the NAS using SOA. 2013 Q2
452 3-D Convective Forecast 7 Day (Probabilistic) Acquired Product Advanced probabilistic convective forecast out to 7 days. "Convection" 2015 Q4 2023 Q3
391 3D Path Arrival Management ConOps Concept Exploration Develop a concept of operations that makes use of FMS capabilities to fly 3D trajectories from top of descent to final approach fix. 2008 Q1 2012 Q1
6 4 km Turbulence Global Acquired Product High resolution global turbulence forecasts. "Turbulence" 2016 Q4 2019 Q4
606 4-d Winter Wx Forecast Unknown Description pending 2014 Q3 2017 Q2
8 4D Weather Cube Data Exchange w NNEW Enabled Systems Demonstration To demonstrate the NNEW (common Support Services-Weather (CSS-Wx) ability to subscribe to the 4D Weather Cube using OGC Web Services standards 2011 Q2 2012 Q4
9 4D Wx Single Authoritative Source Algorithms Research Provide operational decision makers with an integrated common weather picture in user specified spatial and temporal resolution enabling integration into users' DST (decision support tools).  "Other" 2011 Q2 2015 Q2
10 8-Hour Terminal Scale Winter Forecasts Acquired Product Description pending 2015 Q3 2020 Q3
764 ACAS-Xu Unknown ACAS Xu is a variant of ACAS X deesigned to fulfill the airborne collision avoidance function for UAS. 2020 Q3
516 Advanced Materials Research The Advanced Materials program assesses the safety implications of new and present-day composites, alloys, and other materials, and associated structures and fabrication techniques for use in aircraft construction.  The program provides a technical basis for aircraft certification guidance, policy, and training through technical reports, handbooks, and related training courses. 2008 Q1 2025 Q4
223 Advanced Scheduling for Congested Terminal Airspace Research Advanced scheduling will be necessary to assure the reliable execution of NextGen procedures while maintaining the efficient use of runway and airspace in congested terminal airspace during peak traffic periods.  Improvements in the current TMA are required to facilitate uninterrupted top-of-descent to runway threshold operations. 2009 Q1 2013 Q1
30 AeroMACS Research R&D to develop a 802.16e based Metropolitan Area Network for use in an airport environment to accommodate mobile (primarily) & Fixed Users. 2011 Q4 2015 Q2
753 Air Traffic Interoperability Unknown TBD 2023 Q4
802 Air-Ground ISS Plan Unknown Develop a plan to define the future ISS capabilities for air-ground communications including SBS (ADS-B), DataComm, and NVS.  The plan will be the first step in developing requirements and an overall implementation plan. 2014 Q1 2015 Q3
Showing 1-15 of 323 Support Activities

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