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ID Name  Sort Ascending Acronym Status Description
857 Advanced Dynamic Airspace Management ADAM Planned ADAM 1 manages airspace data and facilitates digital data exchange through a Service Oriented Archi…
689 Advanced Electronic Flight Strip AEFS Decommissioned The Advanced Electronic Flight Strip (AEFS) system is only at the Chicago O'Hare Int. Airport Traff…
904 Advanced Vision System AVS Planned Advanced Vision Systems are new technologies that enhance a pilots understanding and situation awar…
952 Aeronautical Common Service ACS Planned Aeronautical Common Services (ACS) consists of multiple capabilities, including:
The data query se…
482 Aeronautical Information Production Automation AIPA Planned Description pending.
1283 Aeronautical Information System AIS In-Service The Aeronautical Information System (AIS) is a leased weather automated system that provides a mean…
905 Aeronautical Information System Modernization : Future Briefing System AISM Planned AIM modernization is currently planned in two segments. Segment 1,  focuses on the development of F…
906 Aeronautical Information System Replacement AISR In-Service Aeronautical Information System Replacement is a web-enabled, automation means for the collection a…
1104 Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System AeroMACS Planned AeroMACS is a broadband wireless mobile communications technology in protected  spectrum (5091-5150…
960 Aeronautical Navigation Data System ANDS Planned AERONAUTICAL NAVIGATION DATA SYSTEM (ANDS). This system is used to develop, process, disseminate, a…
582 Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Air to Ground Router ATN A\G Router In-Service The ATN Air-to-Ground (A\G) Router is used to provide A\G interconnection between an Aeronautical T…
195 Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Ground to Ground Router ATN G\G Router In-Service The Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) is an evolving global data Internet infrastructure…
62 Agency Data Telecommunications Network 2000 (ADTN 2000) ADTN 2000 Decommissioned The Agency Data Telecommunications Network - 2000 (ADTN 2000) was the FAA's wide area network (WAN)…
124 Air Route Surveillance Radar : Model 1E ARSR-1E In-Service The Air Route Surveillance Radar Model 1E (ARSR-1E) is based on a 1970s vintage radar that has been…
125 Air Route Surveillance Radar : Model 2 ARSR-2 In-Service The Air Route Surveillance Radar Model 2 (ARSR-2) is based on 1970s vintage radar that has been upd…
Showing 1-15 of 452 Systems/Services

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